Choose from Ireland’s widest selection of Adjustable Dumbbells. From 11kg to 40kg Dumbbell sets. Unrivaled quality, warranty and price. Upgrade your workout with any of our Adjustable Dumbbells.

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Say goodbye to individual weights with one compact adjustable dumbbell. Simply twist the center handle to instantly increase or decrease the loading. Perfect for both beginners and serious weightlifters alike. Change the weights at ease with a simple twist of the handle. Affording you the ability to correctly load each and every muscle group without the hassle of unscrewing weights.

11kg: The weight adjusting pin can drop and lock into the selected weight plate. This allows you to automatically change your resistance to 5 settings up to a maximum of 11kg per dumbbell.
24kg & 40kg: Dial twist change - simply change both dials at either side of the dumbbell to the required weight and lift.
25 & 32kg: simply twist the handle and turn the dial to your desired weight. There are 5 different weights available ranging from 5kg/11lbs - 25kg/55lbs.

Traditionally with a standard dumbbell, you must manually change the weight plates yourself if you wish to make the dumbbell lighter or heavier. This requires some effort, as the weight plates generally need to be screwed on and off on both ends of the dumbbell. With an adjustable dumbbell however, you need simply turn the dumbbell handle and voilà - the weight of the dumbbell has changed. Choose between weight selections with just the turn of your wrist.