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Better balance, strength & recovery with our range of RPM PowerBalance Boards

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  • Which Balance Board should I buy?

    We offer 4 different types of balance boards in our store: Roller Boards, Wobble Boards, Original Balance Boards and the Slant Board. Which balance board you choose depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Read the benefits of each board type below to find out which might be a good fit for you.
  • What are the benefits of the Slant Board?

    Recommended for:

    • Deep rehabilitation
    • Pre/post exercise warm ups
    • Improving mobility on a deeper level for solid injury prevention
    • Progressive flexibility

    Slant Boards are recommended by physiotherapists for muscle and joint rehabilitation. They engage the muscle on a very deep level and are great for getting to the source of and relieving lower leg injuries. They are also used for mobility exercises and warming up/cooling down after training. Due to their adjustable incline, Slant Boards are perfect for progressive or gradual training.

  • What are the benefits of the PowerBalance Board

    Recommended for:

    • Gentle rehabilitation
    • Light mobility exercises
    • Basic balance training

    For gentle rehabilitation and basic balance training, we recommend the PowerBalance Board. This board can be used for forward/back and side-to-side exercises. It is a good choice for those looking to regain strength and mobility at the beginning/mid stages of recovery.

  • What are the benefits of the Wobble Board

    Recommended for:

    • End-stage rehabilitation
    • Circumduction mobility exercises
    • Intermediate balance training
    • Adding difficulty to strength workouts

    Balance: Wobble Boards offer 360 degree rotation and as a result, demand an intermediate level of balance to keep them full off the ground. We recommend Wobble Boards to anyone new to balance training. These boards will test your skills and help you build a solid level of balance. Rehabilitation: The 360 degree rotation of a Wobble Board means it can be used for gentle circumduction (circular motion) exercises that will improve the mobility and flexibility of a lower-body joint. Strength: Many people enjoy using Wobble Boards to introduce challenges to their regular workouts. Try performing push ups, planks, squats and more on a wobble board to vastly increase the difficulty of the exercise.

  • What are the benefits of the Roller Board?

    Recommended for:

    • Advanced balance training
    • Coordination training
    • Board sport practice
    • Adding difficulty to strength workouts

    Roller Boards are a really fun and addictive way to improve your sense of balance and coordination. Our Roller Boards comes with three difficulty settings, so you can start slow and gradually work your way up to pro-level technique. Due to the balance skills needed for use, Roller Boards are a great substitute for practicing board sports, like skateboarding, surfing and more at home. They are also ideal for challenging your home workouts and will add difficulty to basic exercises, like squats and push ups. A great balancing device for adults and kids alike!

  • Can I adjust the difficulty of my Balance Board?

    The Roller Board is the only balance board that offers multiple difficulty options. Roller Boards come with two wooden slats and metal screws, which can be attached to the board surface in order to increase or lower the difficulty.
  • What’s in the Balance Board Pack?

    The Balance Board Pack includes a wooden balance board, plus three balancing options: air cushion, foam rocker and wooden roller. Simply place the balance board over any of these three options and get balancing. Pair the air cushion with the balance board for gentle rehabilitation exercises, as well as beginner balance training. Pair the board with the foam rocker for intermediate level balance training or pair it with the roller for advanced level training. There are 10 balance options in total, each varying in terms of difficulty (all outlined in the included exercise booklet).
  • What is the difference between the Wobble Board and Wobble Board Classic?

    We offer two types of Wobble Boards in our store; the Wobble Board and the Wobble Board Classic. Both boards are made of wood and feature a balance ‘bubble’. The balance ‘bubble’ on the Wobble Board is made of durable plastic and is removable for convenient storage. The Wobble Board also features crevice handles for versatile gripping and better stability. The balance bubble on the Wobble Board Classic is made of wood and is not removable.