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Our ‘Padmasana’ Yoga Mats are made from natural rubber polyurethane and are a larger size than a standard yoga mat, being thicker and softer also, this is why they are our most expensive yoga mat as they are the highest quality. In comparison, our ‘Camatkarasana’ Cork Yoga Mat is made from breathable cork to give a honeycomb grip and natural feel. Finally, our TPE ‘Tadasna’ mat is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer material and is less thick than the other two types of mats, making it perfect for those seeking a cost effective Yoga Mat.

Yes, this mat is for you! The whole point about our alignment system is that it works for yogis of all shapes and sizes. The markers are a system of symmetrical precision-etched reference points, which guide you when using the mat. Each person can use different alignment lines they feel are right for them, which can act as a point of reference for the centre of their pose and alignment when performing poses. Our ‘Padmasana’ range is slightly larger than our other mats, so we recommend this mat for those above average in height.

We understand that hot yoga is a form of yoga many yogis enjoy on a regular basis, however we recommend that our mats are not used on a daily or regular basis in hot yoga due to their design. Our mats have been created with an open cell structure on the top of the mat, so the moisture is easily taken in and evaporated, allowing them to maintain a high level of grip. However, since our Yoga mats are designed to be biodegradable, regular use in heated yoga practice may result in the increased degrading of your mat. This is because we make out mats from eco-friendly PVC free materials so you can avoid the complications which come from using such an unsustainable type of yoga mat.

RPM Power Yoga Mats are made from either a premium quality natural rubber base, Cork or thermoplastic elastomer, meaning they are sustainably produced materials. A large reason why we have spent the time developing our mats from such materials is that we are eco-conscious and want to create the purest type of Yoga Mats possible.


Once your yoga mat is dry, roll up your RPM Power Yoga mat with the coloured side, (alignment lines) on the outside between uses. Our Yoga Mats are designed to be kept this way, and this will help ensure your RPM Power Yoga mat rolls out flat each time you use it. We don’t recommend folding your mat in any other way, as this could leave visible creases and marks. Keep your mat stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

If you don’t have a specific Yoga Mat cleaner, we recommend that you mix some warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a bowl, (using only a small amount of soap). Dip a cleaning cloth into the soapy water, then clean the mat from top to bottom, focusing on dirty spots, using a circular motion. Then wipe the mat clean with a dry towel and leave the mat to dry out of direct sunlight.

Our Yoga Mats feature alignment lines on the front surface of the yoga mat, so that it is easy for you to position your body correctly when exercising. This will allow you to maintain the correct form and position when engaged in stretches and poses.